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JANESVILLE, Wis.–()–Janesville based biotechnology company, American Extractions, continues to scale quickly capitalizing on their unique, self-developed plant extraction technology that is taking the hemp and CBD industries by storm. The result of this revolutionary technology is the birth of “Whole Spectrum™” CBD which goes far beyond traditional “full spectrum” (includes other cannabinoids and terpenes besides just CBD) and “broad spectrum” (like full spectrum but THC free). Whole Spectrum™ CBD is made by leveraging American Extraction’s proprietary “Cellular Deconstruction™” technology (CDT) that captures effectively 100% of available cannabinoid molecules in their entirety and does not use CO2, solvents, or any noxious chemicals. This, the company claims, leads to more bioavailability and products that are faster acting, longer lasting and provide stronger results than competitive processes.

Company founder, president and lead-researcher, John Goepfert, has been experimenting with different extraction methods since 2013 when he started processing salicin (a naturally occurring pain reliever) from willow bark. Since then, he has perfected the company’s proprietary Cellular Deconstruction™ technology which leads to extraction rates of virtually 100% of available cannabinoids and delivers 95%+ after refinement. CDT is rooted in physics, not chemistry and is far superior to common CO2, ethanol, and petro-chemical extraction methods because it doesn’t damage or leave behind valuable cannabinoids. The outcome is so pure and potent, American Extractions’ distillate crystallizes naturally at concentrations as low as 35%, which likely leads to the only all-natural CBD isolate on the market.

After completing a second round of Wisconsin-based funding in mid-2020, the company is now positioned to meet rapidly growing customer and industry demand. As the CBD market continues to mature, the category is ripe for transformation. Retailers and brands are calling for more innovation and need meaningful product differentiation to stand out in what has become a crowded and confusing health supplement category. With Whole Spectrum™ as the new quality standard, available through white label and private label programs, American Extractions is poised to help.

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