Two young women at a dispensary browse the store’s selection of cannabis products by picking them up and looking at them.

How To Keep Your Cannabis Dispensary Safe

In the cannabis industry, the product carries both high value and strict regulatory scrutiny. Therefore, ensuring the safety and security of your dispensary is paramount for staying in business. The challenge of dispensary safety lies in the delicate balance between security measures and adherence to a complex web of legal ... Read More
Woman's arm extends over a counter as she passes her ID card to someone. The person will check her age on the ID Card.

Strategies To Prevent Cannabis Sales to Minors

As more states legalize cannabis, the importance of preventing sales to minors becomes an increasingly pressing issue. Dispensaries and retail outlets must adopt stringent measures to ensure that cannabis stays out of the hands of our youth. Let’s explore some effective strategies to prevent cannabis sales to minors and maintain legal compliance ... Read More
Tips To Make Your Dispensary More Welcoming

Tips To Make Your Dispensary More Welcoming

Enhancing your store’s atmosphere can drive sales, and this is especially true for dispensaries. A welcoming environment in your dispensary not only makes customers feel comfortable but can also guide their spending. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s important to stand out from other vendors. Create a dispensary ... Read More
A selection of cannabis products with various packaging styles from primary to secondary.

The Benefits of Secondary Cannabis Packaging

The cannabis market is experiencing unprecedented growth thanks to the increasing legalization and acceptance of cannabis products for both medicinal and recreational use. This surge demands innovative approaches in packaging, where secondary packaging plays a crucial role not just in product preservation but also in compliance, branding, and sustainability. Below, ... Read More
Hemp being dried in a protected, climate-controlled facility to prepare it for shipping and receiving.

The Role of Conveyors in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is booming, marked by rapid expansion and an increasing need for streamlined operations. Entrepreneurs and logistics professionals are on a constant quest for innovative solutions to keep pace with the industry’s growth. Efficiency in logistics not only supports this expansion but is crucial in maintaining the quality ... Read More
What To Do if You Have Mold Growing in Your Cultivation

What To Do if You Have Mold Growing in Your Cultivation

Caring for your cannabis plants entails more than just watering and proper light exposure. One of the gravest concerns you can face as a cultivator is discovering mold growing in your cultivation space. Mold can compromise your yield and plant health and pose health risks to you, the grower. Take ... Read More