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Cannabis Subscription Box Essentials

Hemper Subscription Box Smoking Essentials make a great gift. With today’s busy and hectic lifestyle it’s no wonder the monthly subscription box business has surged in popularity. You can get nearly anything delivered to your door, month after month for a fixed fee. Meal delivery services, cigars, wine and yes even your favorite smoking accessories. Hemper offers one of the best bang for your buck subscription boxes smoking essentials. Every monthly box is full of smoking accessories anyone can use or needs. What makes subscription boxes so popular is their convenience, as well as the kick of getting a surprise package each month. 

Whatever your interests are there’s a subscription box for you. This allows brands to create and package a set of products that will satisfy and please their clients persona.

Value and Convenience

Value and convenience make up a large part of the consumers attractiveness of subscription boxes. One such company is Hemper subscribers can get their 4 core smoking essentials for $ 0.99 this is an unbeatable deal.

Not only is this a small fraction of the cost of buying all the products individually. But members also get to try out and shop for products, from the comfort of their own home.

I decided to try the 4 core Bare Essential Pack and I was pleasantly surprised. Shipping was quick and discreet. I received a lighter, rolling papers, cleaner screens and a glass filter. All in all a great deal for the money. Definitely worth the $ 0.99 and had me wondering what goodies I will receive in my next box. When you factor in the shipping of $4.95 it still worth the total cost of $6.

More For Less

Looking for something more and paying much less? The Hemper Pack is a monthly subscription that is priced at a meager $14.99 but has a retail value of $35. This is a great selection for people who have a hard time finding what they want in stores or simply don’t like shopping. What’s more thrilling then receiving a box with the knowledge that the products were selected specifically for your tastes and preferences.

The Hemper pack includes several more goodies, with 7 + products instead of 4 in the Bare Essentials. They include some of Hemper’s original products including well know national brands.

What is nice, you don’t have to buy each month if you feel it’s too much for your needs. You can choose the traditional monthly plan, or the prepaid 3, 6 or 12 months, subscription. Offering you the choice to completely customize the frequency of your delivery.

Multiple Options

One of the best subscription boxes for aficionados of all things cannabis and smoking. Is the The Hemper Box, delivering a thoughtfully created package of smoking goodies every month is you so wish. Ten thoughtfully put together accessories that a smoker could absolutely use in each month’s themed box. Not to mention a piece of high quality premium glass every month, something that you can use over and over again. All the while retaining its appearance and maintaining its quality.

Hemper offers specialty goods from their own brands that are more valuable than store-bought alternatives. Subscribers receive 10+ high-end smoking accessories for $29.99 per month, for items that would cost you easily $100. retail.

This is not only a fraction of the cost of buying all products separately, but also the convenience of having it delivered to your home.



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