Marijuana Hemp reputation

How Marijuana and Hemp Developed Their Bad Reputation

How did marijuana and hemp developed their bad reputation? Cannabis and CBD have many supporters who tout its therapeutic properties alongside the fact that CBD is non-addictive and non-hallucinogenic.  While there are plenty of arguments for rethinking our classification of cannabis as a “dangerous and addictive substance” it’s going up ... Read More
Passing Cannabis THC Testing

Passing Cannabis THC Testing Tips

You have been hired by a large firm, as part of their hiring process you have to passing cannabis THC testing. There is no legal requirement for many private employers to test for cannabis or alcohol. In several industries, applicants and employees in certain positions are required to test for ... Read More
Smoking Hemp Flower

Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Are there benefits to smoking hemp flower? Hemp is becoming increasingly popular but not as much as its psychoactive cousin marijuana. The advantages of CBD are increasingly understood, which also helps to increase the number of hemp smokers. The many benefits of smoking hemp flower are already praised by regular ... Read More
Using Cannabis for Sex

Using Cannabis for Sex & Orgasm

Can using cannabis for sex and orgasm help? There are a number of reasons why this is true. One is that it decreases your anxiety and tension, it restores your sexual desire. Your perception of time is slowed down with increased bodily sensation. Many cannabis strains bring on relaxation, euphoria, and sensitivity to touch. ... Read More