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LONG BEACH, Calif.–()–Baroni Cannabis is back! CNNBS is excited to announce a new partnership to bring original premium cannabis products to market with Baroni Cannabis.

Powered by CNNBS, and led by Chris Barone, Baroni Cannabis is the premier leader in premium hash, concentrates and high-quality cannabis products. Chris has been a passionate leader and innovator in cannabis for many years. From his early ground-breaking work on cleaner, higher-quality concentrates, to his innovative work in harvesting technologies, Chris Barone has been a key figure in evolving the cannabis industry to where it is today. It is this passion and expertise that Chris brings to a whole new array of products through Baroni Cannabis.

Initial product offerings will include premium hash, chocolate edibles, unique high-quality pre rolls and a collection of hash that is unrivaled. For all of its products, Baroni Cannabis focuses on quality and consistency. “Creating a group of products that people can rely on is important to me,” said Chris Barone. “In today’s quickly expanding market, it’s important for consumers to have brands that they can trust and count on to deliver quality products every time. By establishing a standard of quality and reliability through attention to detail, people will know it’s good no matter where they are.”

To ensure that Baroni Cannabis would have the right capital, logistical and marketing support, they partnered with CNNBS, Inc. Arman Garibyan, Board Member of CNNBS, said: “We are always focused on bringing the best products and services to market, and we quickly identified Chris as a leader in the industry. We’re confident that his vision fits very well with our business model, and that together we’ll be bringing quality products to market that are in line with our brand promise.”

About CNNBS™

CNNBS, Inc. is a Long Beach, CA company founded in 2019 with a broad range of cannabis ventures in manufacturing, distribution, retail and delivery. Their mission is to empower great brands and products in the cannabis space to reach their full potential. Through a combination of strategic investments and time-tested business practices, CNNBS is able to provide emerging and legacy brands with the right tools to address market opportunities and deliver quality cannabis products and services to consumers everywhere.


Baroni is a Long Beach, CA company founded by Chris Barone. Chris (@theclearscientist) has a history of innovation, experimentation and creation in the cannabis industry. The Baroni brand had previously been offline for the past four years, allowing time to refine its product offering and its business model. From its beginning, Baroni has been synonymous with quality.

In 2010, Chris Barone came to California with the hope of getting into cannabis. He worked as an analytical chemist while also working on finding cannabis work. At that point BHO was taking off so he decided to experiment with making cannabis extracts. He soon realized that these extracts could be purified considerably, so he started to distill THC and created The Clear™ brand in 2013 as the first distillate brand. After running that program for a bit, Chris moved on and started to work with making cannabinoid analogs such as THC-O-Acetate and Hydrogenated cannabinoids. At around the same time Chris started working on the liquid nitrogen hash products. This work has led to a patent being granted in 2020 for the technology used to make the original BARONI line.

As the brand expands its footprint through a new partnership with CNNBS, Baroni intends to lead the industry to a higher standard for quality and consistency so that cannabis consumers everywhere will have the best experiences.


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