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DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

This DaVinci IQ Vaporizer review focuses upon the main aspects of one the best known manufacturer in the industry.  DaVinci’s objective is to be the one of the best vaporizer manufacturers today, and their latest innovation exemplifies this goal.

The portable vape market has gotten more competitive as portable vaporizers offer more complex functions and add-ons. With accurate heating and a variety of clever features, portable vaporizers are growing smarter, making vaporizing your favorite buds easier.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the perfect vaporizer for your needs. As there is more and more choices in the market every year.

Special Features & Technology

With smartphone controls, temperature settings by the degree, and Smart Paths for varied heating over time. The DaVinci IQ is one of the smartest vapes on the market. This is why we have chosen to do a DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review.

For accurate, tasty, and pure puffs, it has a built-in zirconia glass-lined ceramic oven. You may choose between dry herbs and concentrates, giving you the best of both worlds. The IQC contains a built-in pick tool and high-tech capabilities that may be customized.

IQC’s Mouthpiece is composed of Sharesafe™, an FDA-approved antibacterial polymer mouthpiece that gives real connoisseurs pure flavor.

Design & Quality

The zircon ceramic mouthpiece sits atop the IQ, positioned on a hinged door with a rubber gasket behind it. Instead of zirconia, high-temperature silicone was used. The IQC is kept cool to the touch thanks to the silicone.

Cleaning the mouthpiece is easy it can be removed and cleaned by flipping the door open. Or switched with the provided 10mm adaptor. The IQC vape also has detachable 18650 batteries. That can be charged by USB-C, which allows you to charge the vaporizer more quickly.

The IQ’s battery, according to the company, may last up to an hour and a half of vaping. But this varies on the temperature range you use. It has a built-in Bluetooth app that allows you to regulate and monitor the temperature. According to your preferences, in addition to its remarkable functionality.

Vaping Quality

The IQ generates a nice vapor cloud at low temperatures. That carries the aroma and delicate flavor of the herbs without the harshness of smoke. Creating exceptionally strong, clean, delicious, and dense vapor. 

For the majority of the vaping experience, herbal vapor is smooth and even soft. However, the longer you heat it and the greater the temperature you use. The harsher and more smoke-like the vapor gets.

DaVinci also sells pre-loaded dose pods that can be stored in a holder and pre-loaded with your preferred dry herbs.

Conclusion and Price

The IQC Precision Vaporizer is the epitome of basic yet cutting-edge technology that has become industry standard. The DaVinci IQC portable vape is a higher cost vaporizer. But it’s definitely worth it because of its efficiency and user-friendly features.

It’s a bit pricy at $274.99, but it performs a fantastic job.


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