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CHULA VISTA, Calif.–()–Grasshopper Dispensary, the first-ever, legal cannabis business in Chula Vista, invites its fellow Chula Vista neighbors to “Hop on in”! Grasshopper Dispensary is located at 376 Trousdale Drive in Chula Vista, California, with a completely renovated, beautiful facility that is worth visiting. There is ample parking in the lot, with street parking available as well.

The staff at Grasshopper Dispensary are cannabis enthusiasts and knowledgeable in all the intricacies of our cannabis products. Founder and CEO, Andres Camberos, shares, “Driven by our passion for cannabis, our expert staff provides real-life advice based on personal experiences with our products. This ensures our customers select products that are most suited for them and we guarantee a retail experience you will want to share with your friends.”

Grasshopper Dispensary’s courteous staff is awaiting visitors like you to come and explore their wide variety of products. Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, Grasshopper Dispensary has a product you are sure to LOVE!

Grasshopper Dispensary offers products from high-quality brands such as Stiiizy, CBX, Connected Cannabis, Pacific Stone, Raw Garden, Big Chief, CRU, Green Dragon, Jeeter, Heavy Hitters, Kiva, Cream of the Crop, and more.

With the safety and security of our facility, employees and patrons at the top of our list of priorities, our staff security is there to give us all peace of mind. “A first for Chula Vista, Grasshopper is happy to offer our legal services to recreational customers 21 and up, as well as medical patients 18 and older throughout South Bay,” said CEO Andres Camberos.

Grasshopper Dispensary wants to make sure their products are accessible to everyone, so if for whatever reason you are unable to shop in person, or you are in a hurry, we offer delivery and express pickup. You can call and speak to our knowledgeable staff, who will offer you the same attention and information over the phone as they would if you were in the store. You can also explore products online.

Grasshopper Dispensary is committed to creating a healthy, safe, comfortable environment for members of the community to come in and learn more about who we are, what products we offer and become extending members of the Grasshopper family.


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