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Cannabis Strains Effects

Overall, Indica strains are a powerful and relaxing painkiller. A hybrid version of this strain is found in many medical marijuana strains. Sedative, euphoric and calming effects are the product of Indica strains which make them an excellent night time option. Indica strains also support many medical conditions such as MS, Lupus and Muscular Dystrophy.

It is commonly recognized that Indica strains probably originated on the Asian subcontinent or in Afghanistan.

Indica Effects

The majority of Indica strains contain a rich source of THC, CBD and CBN cannabinoids. Most cannabis users view Indica strains as sedative. The strain does deliver a couch lock high but it does not apply to all strains.

Many refer to this strain as a perfect night time use strain. Having sedative effects, good for rest or sleeping. This is due to the fact that Indica strains are believe to have higher CBD levels and lower THC concentrations.

This effect on the body is also very good for relieving pain and the calming effect.  It should also be considered as a stimulate for appetite. Indica strains are also known to give users more of a body than a head high.

But not all of the above is entirely factual there are many features of Indica strains which do not separate them greatly from Sativa.

The fact is that Indica Strains to have reasonable level of of THC and a higher level of CBD. This creates a more stoned body high. It also helps in many ways in relieving pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Medical Marijuana Qualities

From stress relief and restful sleep as well as helping with a host of other symptoms (listed below). This greater percentage of CBD is what helps patience with their ailments. Indica strains have positive medical advantages, including:

Sleep promotion and insomnia treatment

Anxiety and a relief from stress

Reducing pain

Relief of inflammation

Reduction of seizures

Muscle twitching of the muscles

Indica Plant Characteristics

Indica plants are small, large, bushy, dense and conical (at least when compared with the taller, lankier, jauntier plants of sativa, which developed in equatorial climates).

Because of the shorter flowering season, the larger leaves and the shorter stature of Indica plants. These strains make it an easier option to grow in an area with less warmer climates.

The colors are dark purple and blue tones with an aroma that normally is thick, resinous and skunky.

Popular Indica Strains

Purple Kush

Considered as one of the world’s best strains, its flowers are 100% indica. This strain is a blend of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, and provides a pure indica experience.

This addictive plant is however better used at night. Several puffs of Purple Kush will leave you relaxed, sleepy and couch locked.

Big Bud Strain

Renowned for its enormously enlarged flower buds and massive yields for farmers along with its high levels of THC of 20 to 26%.

While the original Big Bud strain was a cross between the famous Afghani X Skunk #1. It has since been regenerated and cross bred with other various strains to produce different effects and strengths. Helping melt away stress and feeling of well being and jubilation.

Blueberry Strain

With its unmistakable taste of fresh blueberry, and earthy vanillas scents and flavous this strain has become a national favorite. The Blueberry effect has a euphoric, fuzzy feeling, and creeps slowly on you until you are happy relaxed and sleepy.

Blueberry strain helps with symptoms such as muscle spasms, tension and migraines, pain relief. As both mind and body can easily be relaxed.


And while Indica is nearly always the right strain for sleep. Its use as a daytime alternative should not be omitted. Its soft, balanced nature can be ideal for activities without anything requiring concentration. Even any light physical activity, it will not necessarily sink you into a sleeping state.

With busy lives and busy lifestyle people want something to help them relax. Help cure their pain without being affected by side effects that are normal in prescription drugs.



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