Infinity Supercritical Offers Full Spectrum Craft Hemp CBD Oil Which Can Be Extracted and Bottled Straight From the MachinePosted by On


MADISON, Wis.–()–Imagine a machine that allows you to extract the full value of the hemp flower. Using supercritical CO2, this process allows you to harvest the valuable terpenes and full spectrum CBD from the botanical flower, while leaving undesirable waxes and chlorophyll behind.

The Infinity Supercritical process allows you to bottle straight from the machine to the consumer, in one process.

The heart of the Infinity system is the silent running electric CO2 pump. Others run their systems with ear-deafening compressors to provide air-driven actuators.

Infinity invented electrostatic precipitation for Supercritical CO2 extraction. The natural expansion of CO2 over certain food grade materials induces an electrical charge, which acts like a magnet to collect the extract from the flower.

Instead of producing huge volumes of low quality and low value hemp CBD oil, deploy a strategy of making artisanal products with a higher selling value.

Using this strategy may allow you to realize a return on investment in as little as 11 days with a superior extract.

Infinity Supercritical CO2 develops and builds high value craft extraction botanical processing machines.


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