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BALTIMORE–()–Curio Wellness, Maryland’s market leading health and wellness company, has filed a new patent application to secure a unique, pulse-delivery system for medicinal cannabis sleep products. This product is the latest in a series of innovative cannabis products developed by Curio Wellness that reimagine the way medicinal cannabis is delivered to patients who need it.

“The bedrock of Curio Wellness is our clinical-based approach. Following years of research and discovery, we’re proud to be able to bring a cutting-edge delivery system to medical cannabis to help incorporate an effective delivery method increasingly relied upon in medicine more broadly to the world of medical cannabis,” said Michael Bronfein, CEO of Curio Wellness and co-inventor.

One consistent finding from the literature around traditional sleep aids is that many prescription and over-the-counter products result in next-day grogginess because the treatments depress REM and deep sleep. But Curio Wellness’s pulse technology has been shown to help support healthy sleep without producing the “sleeping pill hangover” or disrupting REM sleep cycles – the most important part of a good night’s sleep.

“We’re encouraged to see the success in trials of pulse technology as a way to deliver cannabis to our patients, particularly given the technology’s ability to avoid negative side-effects related to sleep,” added Dr. Edward Rudnic, Chairman of the Scientific Board and Chief Scientific Officer at Curio Wellness and co-inventor. “Curio Wellness’s incorporation of pulse technology for medicinal cannabis helps close the gap between cannabis-based health care and knowledge and the broader medical industry.”

This technology is already being used in Good Night, a new product from Curio Wellness and Maryland’s first pulse-technology cannabis sleep aid. Good Night has already demonstrated real patient benefits. A forthcoming independent study showed that participants spent less time awake at night and woke up less frequently, 65% reported being more satisfied with their sleep, and reported feeling better rested during the day four times per week, double the rate at which participants felt that way pre-trial.

Beyond the technology’s immediate use as a sleep aid, Curio Wellness is actively investigating ways to use pulse technology to address unmet patient needs across a wide variety of clinical conditions.

About Curio Wellness

Founded and based in Maryland, Curio Wellness is a family-owned and operated cGMP certified medical cannabis company and trusted healthcare partner. We’re dedicated to increasing the accessibility of this therapeutic and medicative plant to a growing population of citizens who seek a transformational solution to their health complications. For more information, visit www.curiowellness.com

About Good Night

Good Night is a new and innovative product from Curio Wellness created to help patients with sleep issues and disorders. The tablet, intended to be taken 30 minutes before bed, is made with the natural active ingredient, CO2 extracted Curio Wellness flower. Through proprietary pulse-release technology, Good Night doses in two stages—immediately and again in about three hours—to help patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


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