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BERKELEY, Calif.–()–Lygos, Inc., a vertically integrated provider of safe and sustainable specialty ingredients, today announced the availability of cannabichromene (CBC), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is produced at low levels by the cannabis plant and believed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. CBC is the latest addition to the full Lygos CBx menu of highly pure and consistent cannabinoids for consumer and pharmaceutical applications.

Lygos CBx utilizes its novel production pathway to provide a high-performance alternative to agricultural-based cannabinoid production. The approach offers a unique opportunity to produce scalable, traceable and repeatable ingredients, and the modular nature of the platform enables aggressive and timely product launches. Lygos CBx is currently delivering kilogram quantities of CBC to strategic partners and is in the process of expanding its commercialization efforts to meet increasing customer demand. The company expects to deliver at least two additional cannabinoids and target large-scale volume production by mid-2021.

“The demand for higher-quantities of high-quality cannabinoids continues to rapidly increase, and thanks to the adaptability of our sustainable specialty ingredients platform, we are able to respond quickly with new and exciting product offerings,” stated Eric Steen, PhD, CEO of Lygos. “Our vision is to be the leader in non-plant based phytocannabinoids with on-demand production capabilities for the complete cannabinoid ingredient suite. The recent addition of CBC is another critical milestone on our path.”

About Lygos CBx

Lygos CBx is a Lygos company focused on low-cost, industrial-scale production of a wide range of high-quality, pure and sustainable cannabinoid compounds that are not easily accessible through traditional agricultural means. The cannabinoids are designed to enhance numerous consumer products, as well as health & wellness and pharmaceutical applications. For more information, visit

About Lygos

Lygos has created a fully integrated biological engineering platform focused on organic acid specialty ingredients, health & wellness ingredients, including cannabinoids and bio-monomers. Lygos’ sustainable, bio-based chemicals replace expensive, environmentally degrading alternatives from traditional industrial suppliers, enabling customers to create better, safer products with value-added performance. For more information, visit and follow us @LygosBiotech.

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