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Pink Lemonade Cannabis Strain

Pink Lemonade cannabis strain is a hybrid that contains 20% cannabis indica and 80% cannabis sativa. It has THC concentrations have been measured from 12% to as high as 22%. It is a cross between Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk strain.

The origins of the strain are often questioned. But those who use it are aware of its fruitiness, high potency, and impressive effects.

CBD levels often are measured below 1%. Pink lemonade cannabis strain has a summery taste with notes of lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple, and it has a lot of influence in the cannabis community.

Appearance and smell

Pink lemonade buds that are large and chunky These flowers form tapered formations that can be conical, cylindrical shaped. Pink Lemonade nugs have an abundance of bronze hairs and a visible layer of trichomes.

The patchwork of olive green and deep purple hues on the leaves are particularly striking. These colors are the biproduct of pigments in the strain’s genetics called anthocyanins Which become triggered and cause blue and purple shades when stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process.

The flowers have a lemony fragrance to them. And, like real pink lemonade, there are some soft, floral aromas lingering underneath the surface. Grinding these dense nuggets reveals more subtle notes of hash, implying OG Kush or Afghani ancestry.

As the name implies pleasant sugary fruit flavors are accented by lemon candy and a hint of mild earthy notes. The scent when lit is sour earthy with a hint of sharp citrus and berry fruitiness.


Pink Lemonade is a fast-acting that gives smokers a thrill as soon as they taste it. Given its indica strength, it has uplifting effects that are remarkably cerebral.

The high begins with a burst of energy that leaves you feeling euphoric and mildly balanced, albeit easily distracted. Your enthusiasm can begin to wane as your mood rises. Lulling you into a lazy uplifting state filled with dreamy dreams and heightened imagination.

Because of the 17-22 percent THC content, this cannabis strain may be a little intimidating for newcomers. Pink Lemonade cannabis strain is suitable for both day and night use. But for beginner’s night use is recommended.

Boosting imagination, energizes the mind, increases concentration, and encourages laughing and talking. Reducing stress and depression. Which in turn comes a period of moderate relaxation.

Medical marijuana benefits

It can provide fast relief from pain and allergies, as well as a stimulating mood boost. Thanks to its mid-range THC levels and Sativa supremacy. This makes it ideal for people who suffering from depression.

Producing a powerful body high that can relieve aches and pains. Whether they’re chronic and disease-related or acute, such as those caused by an accident.

Pink Lemonade cannabis strain should be used with caution by patients who are sensitive to panic or anxiety. As the early feelings can easily manifest to paranoia.

Growing this strain

Pink lemonade cannabis strain is relatively simple to grow. Especially if you can get your hands on some well-established cuttings. They flower in about 9 weeks, but some reports claim that if grown indoors. Away from exposure to cold and excessive moisture, they can mature much faster.

Each plant will reach a height of 3 to 4 feet and yield around 4 ounces of flower buds per square foot. You can use a pre-mix like Flower Power, or make your own customized nutrient mix if you’re a more skilled grower. Flowering can occur after 8 weeks of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark lighting.

You’ll need a sunny, Mediterranean-style grow area if you’re going to grow outside. Using natural methods to keep pests away from your plants so you don’t have to use too many chemicals. Which can risk contaminating your final product.

Final Thoughts

The Pink Lemonade cannabis strain may be just what you’re looking for. This herb promises to take you to the next level of physical and cognitive freedom, making you feel good all over.

Supplying you with a abundance of positive karma coursing through your body. It’s also extremely tolerable in terms of taste. For those who aren’t used to herbs with stronger flavors they find Pink Lemonade to be a welcome taste relief.

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