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SANTA FE, N.M.–()–Santa Fe Farms, a leader in the production, manufacturing, and distribution of hemp and hemp-derived products for industrial use, soil health, and carbon offsets, announced today that Dr. Stuart Cowan has been appointed President, Advanced Carbons Division and Chief Science Officer of Santa Fe Farms.

Prior to Santa Fe Farms, Cowan co-founded and was General Partner of Autopoiesis, a professional services firm that applies complex living systems models and frameworks to regenerate communities, ecosystems, and organizations. Among the many positions held earlier in his career, he served as a Transaction Manager and founding team member with Portland Family of Funds, an innovative sustainable community investment fund that has closed $3 billion in transactions.

“We are extraordinarily privileged to have attracted someone like Stuart to lead our efforts in the carbon space,” said Santa Fe Farms CEO Steven Gluckstern. “His intellect, training and experience in this arena can be expected to give Santa Fe Farms a significant competitive advantage as we pursue our goal of becoming the leader in the development of nature-based solutions to the climate crisis using industrial hemp.”

As President of the Advanced Carbons Division, Cowan will lead the teams responsible for Prospective Carbons – the research and development of hemp-derived carbon manufacturing capabilities of biochar, graphene, and other advanced carbons; Regenerative Carbons – development of real-world applications for biochar, graphene, and other advanced carbons; and Digital Carbons – the measurement, validation, and trading of carbon offsets produced on Santa Fe Farms’ company farms and partner farms using regenerative farming techniques to sequester CO2. Cowan is also responsible for managing the strategic partnership with The Hemp Blockchain, Inc. to develop a new carbon protocol and software platform to measure, validate, and trade carbon offsets related to regenerative agriculture. As Chief Science Officer, Cowan will ensure the scientific integrity of Santa Fe Farms’ research and product claims while representing Santa Fe Farms in several technical associations and initiatives.

“Santa Fe Farms has the opportunity to become one of the leading originators of carbon offsets from nature-based solutions like soil carbon sequestration and biochar production,” said Cowan. “At the heart of our Advanced Carbons research is the concept of ‘Regenerative Refineries’ or generating carbons from agriculture or other industries and transforming them into valuable byproducts that will sequester carbons for centuries to come. Advanced Carbons can and will make land regeneration economically viable at scale, in the U.S. and globally, generating a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for all of us.”

Cowan holds a doctorate in complex systems with an emphasis on ecological economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and is co-author of the foundational book Ecological Design.

About Santa Fe Farms

Santa Fe Farms is a fully integrated company leading the growth and development of the industrial hemp industry. Santa Fe Farms spans the growth, transformation, and impact of industrial hemp into key wellness, chemical and physical ingredients and components which can be incorporated into thousands of products in categories including health, human and animal nutrition, agriculture, building materials, paper and packaging, plastics, and advanced carbon materials. Santa Fe Farms will be both a net-negative carbon business itself and an important source of offsets available to other enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their ESG goals and or regulatory requirements. For more information, visit


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