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AUSTIN, Texas–()–Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC), Texas’ leading medical cannabis provider, today brings TOCC’s reputation for high-quality, consistent formulations and market-leading products to the largest population of medical patients in the state with its first brand of gummies. Following the company’s recently announced agave-lime lozenge and Texas’ first 0:1 THC-only tincture, TOCC’s gummies will come in a variety of flavors and ratio-based formulations to address a wide variety of patient symptoms.

TOCC’s gummies ease patient symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, neuropathic pain or numbness, lack of appetite, sleep problems, nausea and others. Formulated with the support and guidance of TOCC’s Medical Advisory Board, TOCC’s strawberry passion fruit-flavored gummies will be available in 5 or 10 mg doses.

“We’ve spent the last four years creating and leading the cannabis industry in Texas, and our patients and prescribers have told us they’d love for TOCC to leverage the quality and consistency of our process and products into gummies for the Texas market,” said Morris Denton, CEO of TOCC. “When properly administered, we are confident in medical cannabis’s ability to alleviate symptoms across a variety of conditions and are eager to introduce products to qualifying patients.”

As doctors in Texas continue to prescribe higher doses of THC to alleviate critical symptoms, TOCC gummies also offer an alternative for patients seeking to reduce their carrying oil intake. A popular consumption method in other medical cannabis markets, gummies alleviate gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort by reducing the need for patients to consume large amounts of carrying oil while offering patients a viable and proven alternative to medications such as opioids.

“Our son used to take incredibly harsh medications to manage his seizure activity, aggressive behavior and other symptoms from his rare neurological disorder,” said Carissa Barenblat, whose son takes TOCC’s medical cannabis products. “When we introduced medical cannabis into his treatment plan, we saw near-immediate results. He quickly became more social and engaged with his brother and we were able to drop some of his strongest medicines after just a month of incorporating medical cannabis. It’s incredibly important for us to have multiple options to administer medicine to our son—especially as we increase his THC dosage under our doctor’s guidance. Products such as TOCC’s gummies allow us to dose easily and give our son the relief he needs.”

TOCC products are available for statewide delivery at www.texasoriginal.com, at their dispensary in Austin, Texas, and through the company’s convenient patient pick up locations in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

To learn whether you or a loved one qualify for medical cannabis, visit www.texasoriginal.com/patients.

About Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation

Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC) is the leading licensed medical marijuana producer in Texas, working alongside physicians to provide the highest quality cannabis medicine to patients and families seeking relief across the state. As fellow Texans, we are dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state with our commitment to quality, consistency and purity in every product we produce. We remain committed to advancing safe, legal access to this powerful medicine. TOCC is headquartered in Austin, with delivery throughout the entire state. For more information, visit www.texasoriginal.com.


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