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The Equipment You’ll Need To Start Growing Cannabis

Are you considering beginning a hemp-growing operation of your own? Before you start growing cannabis, you’ll need some equipment to ensure it can grow to its full potential. Keep in mind that our list of needed supplies applies to indoor growers, not outdoor farms.

Grow Lights

First and foremost, since you’ll be growing indoors, you’ll need some grow lights for your plants to bask under. How many and how powerful your grow lights are will depend on many factors, from how much hemp you’re growing to the space available.

Many high-quality and inexpensive grow lights are available on the market, like HD grow lamps, LED grow lights, and T5 grow lights. These lights will offer sufficient light for your cannabis and help it reach its full potential.

Pro Tip: Consider investing in light reflectors to get the absolute most out of your lighting system.

Ventilation System

Next, you’ll need some equipment to ensure your cannabis grows with adequate airflow. Hemp needs fresh and free-flowing air to grow properly, so you’ll want to ensure you have a good ventilation system for the job. Fresh air and constant airflow do many things for cannabis, like preventing stale air from accumulating and causing mold or fungus.

Plus, a steady breeze strengthens the branches of your hemp and makes them more capable of growing more potent buds. Ideally, your ventilation system filters the air from your grow room outside, taking hot air from the top of the room and circulating fresh, cool air towards the bottom and your hemp. Fresh, clean air is just as vital to healthy hemp as soil, water, and light.

Temperature & Humidity Control

Speaking of air, you’ll also want to ensure you have steady control of the temperature and humidity inside your growing area. If you don’t already have a capable HVAC system, now would be the time to install one.

For cannabis, temperature and humidity are crucial to promoting growth, and the ideal temperature and humidity change depending on the plants’ stage. The hemp may wilt under high humidity, but too-low humidity could cause root rot and nutrient lockout.

Pro Tip: Invest in a high-quality thermos-hygrometer to directly monitor the temperature and humidity in your growing area.

Harvesting Equipment

Lastly, you’ll need some equipment to help you finally harvest your precious hemp that’s been slowly growing for months. You can harvest and sort the old-fashioned way with your hands, but if you’re not familiar with the process and have a lot of plants to harvest, it can be time-consuming and inefficient.

Automated hemp trimming equipment like bud buckers and trimmers make the bucking, trimming, and sorting easier and more efficient for harvesters. It may cost more initially, but the long-term value of the time and buds you save while harvesting is well worth it over the years.

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