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TORONTO–()–Thrive Cannabis, a licensed producer of premium craft cannabis concentrates and dried flower, today announced the launch of Greybeard dried flower and pre-rolls, the brand’s first-ever recreational cannabis flower products, as well as the introduction of Being THC Oral Strips, an innovative ‘no-smoke’ cannabis alternative. Greybeard products are currently available in Ontario and Saskatchewan, and Being products are currently available in Ontario. Thrive has also received its Cannabis Retail Operator License from the AGCO to open a retail cannabis store on its licensed premises in Simcoe, Ontario.

A recognized leader in small-batch live resin products, Greybeard continues to exceed consumer demand for its high quality cannabis with pre-rolls and dried flower. Building on its commitment to offering the best craft cannabis on the market, Greybeard’s initial All Flower pre-rolls and Top Cola dried flower showcase Afghani Drifter, a hybrid strain. Grown in Thrive’s indoor facility in Simcoe, Ontario, Afghani Drifter has a very high THC potential, regularly exceeding 25 percent. Greybeard’s All Flower pre-rolls (5 x 0.5g) and Top Cola dried flower (7g) are now available for sale at licenced retailers in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Thrive also recently launched its Being THC Oral Strips in Ontario retail stores. A smoke-free cannabis alternative, Being Oral Strips dissolve sublingually (under the tongue) and deliver more cannabinoids to the bloodstream than other non-combustible formats with similar amounts of THC because, unlike capsules, oils and edibles, it bypasses the digestive system. Each 10mg THC Oral Strip is convenient to carry and offers a precise amount of THC, making it superior to combustible forms of cannabis for those seeking to consume exact quantities of cannabinoids.

“Thrive continues to deliver on its commitment to bringing premium cannabis products to market with Being THC Oral Strips and Greybeard dried flower and pre-rolls,” said Geoff Hoover, Thrive’s CEO. “With so much value-driven product on the market, demand for quality cannabis has never been greater, and we’re thrilled to extend our Greybeard brand into the largest recreational cannabis spaces — dried flower and pre-rolls. We’re proud to be able to offer individuals a convenient and smoke-free alternative to traditional combustible formats that is also superior to current ingestible formats due to its sublingual delivery system – and a CBD strip is coming very soon as well.”

About Thrive

Thrive is a privately held, vertically integrated cannabis packaged goods company specializing in premium quality, small-batch craft cannabis concentrates and flower products. Thrive currently markets its products under two brands: Being features better-for-you products including an innovative THC and CBD sublingual Oral Strip, and Greybeard focuses on high-end live resin concentrates and vape cartridges as well as Top Cola flower and All-Flower pre-rolls that highlight Thrive’s unique cultivars and best-in-class cultivation, processing and formulation capabilities. Based in Simcoe, Ontario, Thrive holds production, sales, extract, and outdoor cultivation licenses from Health Canada, and has been permitted to export for medical purposes.

To learn more about Thrive and its consumer brands, visit us at For more information about the Greybeard brand, visit us at For more information about the Being brand, visit us at


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