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Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

Trainwreck cannabis strain is half Indica and half Sativa a hybrid with anywhere from 18 to 25 percent THC levels. A spicy taste that resembles herbs, berries, pine, oak and lemon flavors. Trainwreck cannabis strain has a good mix of terepenes which include myrcene, and limonene, which contribute to its familiar lemon and pine aroma.

A powerful and very strong hybrid which delivers to many patients an almost knock out package of mental effects. Because of this strength it has been proven effective in treating nausea, migraines and pain relief.

The initial effects of Trainwreck cannabis strain are calming, euphoric and uplifting, which will then transform into total relaxation. It will keep your mind energetic and turning, accompanied by tiredness, or even the need to sleep.

Aromas and Flavors

The fragrance of Trainwreck has gentle and aromatic notes of oak, spice and citrus fruits, such as lemon and berry undertones. With its sweet flavours it makes for an enjoyable experience to smoke or vaping.

Trainwreck cannabis strain has a high concentration of terpinolene, limonene, and myrcene. Limonene has a sharp and smooth, citrus taste, which may explain the euphoric effects of the strain.

Recreational Effects

Trainwreck stimulates the mind as well as soothes the body. Making it an ideal blend for recreational users. It is a strong weed with a strong dose of THC. The effects of Sativa will keep user stimulated for quite sometime. Eventually as the high slowly fades a sense of relaxation and couchlock slowly settles in.

Enjoy the moment as the strain creates a pleasant buzz, with clear-headed results. Feel the bliss that permeates your 2-3-hour trip. The melancholic effects begin to overtake you at this point. Allowing for a relaxed and comfortable nights sleep.

Medical Marijuana Effects

Because of its high THC levels Trainwreck is great in helping people who suffer with pain. It can also be useful for mood issues, because of its strength. Its mood-boosting effects have been used by patients to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Its indica roots and myrcene concentrations have been shown to be useful in patients. Those with migraines, arthritis and menstrual cramps and other pain and inflammation related symptoms.

For daily aches and pains as well as other symptoms. Trainwreck cannabis strain can be used to provide relief for sore and inflamed areas, muscle and minor anxiety relief.

Growing Trainwreck Strain

Trainwreck can be grown outside, but it can only grow indoors if there is enough space to grow. It is a perfect strain for both beginners and experienced growers of cannabis.

It has a resistance to bacteria, viruses, mildews and mold. For indoor grow use a 5 gallon pot it can grown in a green house, a small room, or in a grow tent using a reflective lining. Its buds are densely compacted with a light green colour and are sprinkled up with orange pistils.

The precious trichomes that grow hold a bountiful amount of THC. The fan leaves can be seen as light green while the leaves are more chlorophyll near the bud and therefore greener.

Adding nutrients to prevent overfeeding or underfeeding your plant is a wise decision to make when planting. Calcium, magnesium and nitrogen are preferred by this strain.

You’ll expect a plentiful harvest from nine to eleven weeks. A normal harvest is a relatively high yield of between three to six ounces per square foot.

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