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Wedding Crasher Strain is one of the most mainstream varieties produced. A combination of 2 unique strains Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. You should detect a note of Wedding Cake’s popular vanilla flavor. While Purple Punch’s smooth berry flavor is also quite evident.

A soft, earthy strain has been created in the Wedding Crasher strain. With strong pungent highlights and a sweet berry texture. Wedding crasher strain  is an Indica-dominant, delicious hybrid herb. The wedding cake strain and purple punch strain have been chosen and combined producing  a delightful taste.

This strain can have up to 20% THC content which can vary somewhat from one bud to the next. It has no high CBD content, but it should be noted that a fairly good high is produced.


The nose is damp, soft and with classical Kush and Purple Punch Strain notes. When you grind the flower buds you will discover a powerful aroma of Triangle Kush and cookie undertones.

The flavor profile of Wedding Crasher strain is described as stimulating vanilla. With deeps aroma overtones of grape berry flavors. The smell of the natural grape terpenes dominates the strain. Wedding Crasher cannabis strain is categorized as a hybrid, with Indica properties as high as 45%.

Aromas: Diesel, Grape, Spicy, Earthy

Growing Info

Wedding Crasher strain has the inherent short flowering time of Indica plants.  All the while retaining the head high of Sativas. The best of the two cannabis strains Indica and Sativa plants are combined with this hybrid. The majority of marijuana nowadays is a hybrid blend of various Indica and Sativa varieties.

Try to keep daytime lights or temperature at 70-85 °F and lights off at 60-70 °F. With a medium-range flowering period of 9-10 weeks. Wedding Crasher strain will grow well in either earth and hydroponics. Depending of the quality of your growing area and how well you maintain it.

Strain and Medical Effects

Wedding Crasher strain does not have the stoning action of a complete Indica. As well as the equilibrium between Sativa and Indica strains. This results in a large head-high one that is activated at once while still retaining a traditional “trippy” effect.

It doesn’t cause too much anxiety or is too tranquilizing. It will certainly be sufficient to refresh you while still promoting a psychoactive and creative component.

Effects: Content, Joyful, Uplifted, Energetic, Imaginative

Medicinal Effects

Wedding Crasher strain is not widely known for its medicinal effects. It is not extensively used for medical purposes. It might be possible that it could help people with headaches, pain and even chronic body pain. With its high level of THC. Averaging from 12-20%  there is some possibility for it to help in treating the following.  Anxiety, irritability, nausea or appetite loss and swelling.

Side Effects

As with strains in its class, side effects are the usual red eyes, and dry-mouth. With the Physco-active effects, sensations can cause mood swings, fatigue and nausea.

Unlike other medical stresses, wedding crasher strain has no side effect if used with the appropriate dosage at the right amount as prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes it can cause a dry mouth or dry, red eyes, particularly when smoked. Sometimes, but rarely, anxiety and panic attacks may occur at higher doses.

Although many of these side effects are temporary.

Because of its powerful THC content Wedding Crasher is a favorite for the leisure user. Wedding Catcher strain provides taste, constant effects and efficacy that can be used during the day.

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